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I Ate Here: La Luna

Hey I’m Jon Manley and I LOVE food almost as much as I love music.  I went to La Luna in Pilsen last night and was blown away.  The restaurant is super cool, with tons of outdoor seating as well as a cool hip vibe inside.  But the real start of the show were the birria tacos.  Check out my photos and recommendation below.

Quesabirria tacos.  BEST BIRRIA TACOS EVER.  Seriously, its like an Italian beef in taco form.  The pickled onions gave it a pop, the consomme was packed with beefy flavor, and the gooey cheese inside the taco set this thing off.  I will dream about these tacos.

Tacos!  We got fish, pork, and carne asada tacos and enjoyed them in that order.  I particularly liked the pork one, good heat to the meat.  Hehe.

Horchata!  I may have had to turn in my man card for a few minutes while enjoying this but I don’t care.  To me horchata > Mexican coke and is a staple of my meal whenever its offered.

We also got some chips and guacamole but we ate it before I had a chance to photo it.  They add pomegranate to theirs, which was a really nice surprise considering at first I tried picking them out.


Go here if:  You want elevated Mexican food prepared with serious care, but nothing too over the top.  And of course, if you like birria this place is officially a MUST.

Don’t go here if:  You’re looking for cheap tacos on a quick lunch break.