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Dave Grohl’s new book arrives tomorrow!

Is there anything Dave Grohl can’t do?! His latest endeavor as a writer has is coming to fruition tomorrow with the release of his first book, The Storyteller. <3 Lauren

THE STORYTELLER has finally provided Dave with the opportunity to shed some light on the fascinating life he has led while living out his dreams. From teaching himself to drum on pillows to leaving high school to tour European clubs and squats at 18 years old, his years in Nirvana and decades in Foo Fighters, playing with Tom Petty on Saturday Night Live, jamming with Iggy Pop, swing dancing with AC/DC and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, having Paul McCartney over for a visit, bedtime stories with Joan Jett or a chance meeting with Little Richard, to the simple pleasures of family life…Dave shares his amazing world with readers while poignantly touching on the impact that his friends, bandmates, and family have had on him throughout the years.

THE STORYTELLER is as much a celebration of music as it is about the moments that have molded Dave into the man he is today. Dave says that every day is a blank page, waiting to write itself. THE STORYTELLER proves him a natural writer, with a life worthy of the 400 pages that make up this very special book. We are eager to share this book with fans and readers, and we can’t wait for this next chapter of Dave’s life, as an author, to begin.

“Since I was a child, I have always measured my life in musical increments rather than months or years. My mind faithfully relies on songs, albums, and bands to remember a particular time and place. From seventies AM radio to every microphone I’ve stood before, I could tell you who, what, where, and when from the first few notes of any song that has crept from a speaker to my soul. Or from my soul to your speakers. Some people’s reminiscence is triggered by taste, some people’s by sight or smell. Mine is triggered by sound, playing like an unfinished mixtape to be sent. Though I have never been one to collect ‘stuff,’ I do collect moments. So, in that respect, my life flashes before my eyes
through my ears every single day. In this book, I’ve captured some of them, as best I can. These memories, from all over my life, are full of music, of course. And they can be loud at times. Turn it up. Listen with me.”
─ Dave Grohl from the Introduction of The Storyteller