Here are some of the most helpful websites on the internet!

The internet has close to 2 billion websites, and you probably hit up two of them on a daily basis. One is probably a news site and the other I won’t pass judgement on right now. Recently a redditor asked a question about the most ‘helpful’ (huh?!) website on the net…. and here’s what made the list! Just the Recipe – no pop ups, no email lists, no 18-page, life-changing, story about vanilla cupcakes, JUST THE RECIPE. What a novel idea! Terms of Service; didn’t read- exactly what it says again! Things you already should’ve read about GrubHub sevrice or Twitpic… it shocking folks. 12 ft. ladder This site bypasses all paywalls and removes all ads. And last but not least, My 90’s TV -get ready to get nostalgic 90’s baby!

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