You think you work hard?! Here are the average hours per week worked in the US

The Bureau of Labor Statistics sees how many hours a week that Americans work, and then they release that information as part of the monthly Employment Summary. According to the data, Americans worked an average of 34 hours a week.

Let’s break it down though- here’s the average by age

16 years and older: 38.9
16-19: 24.1
20-24: 34.8
25-54: 40.5
55 and Over: 38.0

By gender? Men worked an average of 41 hours and women did 36. Please note, women spend more of their free time on household work as well.

Then there’s weekend work- 89% worked an average weekday, compared with 31% on an average weekend day. Also people that are self-employed are more likely to work on weekends, 41% compared to 28%.

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