A hot dog is NOT a sandwich, it’s a taco — according to this food rule.

📷: cottonbro from Pexels

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Some people say “yes”, some people say “no.”

Well, according something called the Cube Rule of Food — a hot dog is really a taco.

The Cube Rule has attempted to classify foods by the structure of the starch that surrounds it. And as you can see below, all you need to do is categorize your delicacy into one of seven different categories.


You might have only counted six pictures. That’s because we haven’t discussed foods that are nothing but starch — or devoid of starch? The Cube Rule of Food says — it’s a salad. Which in my current diet state, I can totally get behind.

So if we all abide to follow the chart above, remember:

  • A calzone is sushi.
  • A burrito is a calzone.
  • AND….a hot dog is a taco. Even if you put ketchup on it. — [eric]