The KQX Morning Crew

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The KQX Morning Crew Glossary

AHOY! – This started when Justin mistakenly said ‘AHOY!’ during the show because he thought that went with St. Patricks day… it doesn’t.
But now, anytime you join Brian, Ali, and Justin or sent in a text, start it off with an “AHOY!” You’re part of the crew too!

Jabroni – Who can forget the 2019 Winter Storm Jayden, it brought upon the coldest day in Chicago. Well, we thought that name sucked for a storm like this, so we changed its name to Jabroni. Since then anytime someone or something sucks we call them a jabroni, seems very fitting

Dat Ass! – Justin makes it very clear that he’s an ass guy, and ‘dat ass’ seems to get him in trouble… yet he still says it.

You’re not wrong – We hate to say we are wrong, so instead of saying “you are right” we say “you’re not wrong”. Loophole!

“Listen” – Brian always wants to be right, so he and says “listen” to get you to stop talking and listen to his point.

Respek – Our way of saying something like, “put some respect on my mom’s name!”

Yeah, yeah, yeah – When Brian and Justin are wrong they won’t admit it, they’ll just say this to get things moving forward. No one like’s to admit that they are wrong!