Celebrate Batman Day! Trivia quiz, printable activity book, & more


Today September 19th is the anniversary of the Dark Knight’s first appearance in the pages of DC Comics so you should celebrate.

You can download the printable activity book for free from DC here. You can do coloring pages, a word scramble that likely has ‘Joker’ in it somewhere, and more.

You can test your Batman villain knowledge with this podcast trivia quiz from Crestwood’s own Ryan Budds.


You can talk about the movies, but one of the best Bat adaption was the 90’s animated series. This documentary from DC covers how the series broke new ground, created parts of the Gotham City story, and much more.

Comedian and WGN televised darling Mike Toomey has been giving Chicagoans, his own take of the Adam West too-serious take on the Caped Crusader.

Batman of the People

You know about Man of the People — but have you heard about Batman of the People?

Posted by WGN Morning News on Thursday, November 15, 2018


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